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It’s great going to CATS on Saturdays. You get to meet up with all your friends! We learn loads of new Drama skills and still have fun!

Louise James, Age 10

CATS is awesome! As well as learning new skills we put on lots of productions and I have even been able to use my Welsh in the production of The Mabinogi.

Rebecca James, Age 10

I’ve been going to CATS ever since I was 5, and now I’m 12. I’ve always loved every minute of my weekly class with Jill and all my new friends because we always have a laugh and Jill is so helpful and kind – I’ve learnt loads from her. CATS has helped me grow not only as a performer, but as a person, and now I am much more confident.

Brenna Simpson, Aged 12, West Cross (Class 2)

CATS is so much fun, I wasn’t exactly shy when I first started, but I certainly wasn’t as confident as I am now. We have so much fun and we all work together and produce great shows. Jill always manages to find us excellent shows, like 13, which we are doing now, I’m so glad I’m a part of it!

Catrin Harris, Age 13, West Cross (Class 2)

I love going to CATS because it has given me more confidence and has helped me to believe in myself more. Plus Jill is really supportive!

Catrin Bevan, Age 11, Pontardawe (Class 2)

I thoroughly enjoy going to cats. I can really express myself there. I always look forward to a Saturday because of drama and I can see all the new friends that I’ve made. I always come out of classes with a smile on my face because I’ve had a brilliant time. It’s worth getting up early for.

Caitlin Ware, Age 11, Pontardawe (Class 2)

I’ve been a member of CATS since the age of 7 and now I’m 15. CATS has helped my confidence develop and also taught me to believe in myself. Since being at CATS I have made so many friends which I will have for life. The weekly classes are so much fun where I’ve learnt many acting, dancing and singing skills. I believe my dancing capability has improved a lot due to CATS. Going away with the company on rehearsal weekends gives the company a really good chance to bond and to become closer as actors and friends. Also the yearly shows which are always amazing give me the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and to perform on a professional stage. Also the opportunity to perform in the Pontardawe pantomime is so different from our annual productions and always hilarious! Our principal Jill Williams is firm with us but consequently always gets the best out of us. Her enthusiasm and energy makes the company a family in which everyone has equal opportunity. I feel privileged to be apart of CATS and all the opportunities it has given to me.

Kate Harwood, Cockett (Class 2)

I’ve been going to CATS since I was seven and have always enjoyed it. I love how friendly everyone is and how well we all get along together. We have a 90 minute class each week where we learn performance skills like acting, singing and dancing. We also do a lot of work on confidence which really helps. Every summer we put on a company show which is one of my favourite parts of going to drama – the shows are always fantastic and we have a great time performing them and backstage! Everyone gets involved and no one’s left out. I love going to CATS because it’s fun and I have a brilliant time there. I’ve also learned loads, made a lot of friends and become a lot more confident.

Aabha Ratnalikar, Cockett (Class 2)