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"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself" Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933

Here at CATS Swansea we pride ourselves in exploring the world of Theatre and the Performing Arts in as many ways as we can imagine. Whether we are challenging students with choreography for an up coming production or developing our improvisational skills, we can always be found with a love for theatre in our hearts.

Classes take many different forms at CATS Swansea. We spend time exploring storytelling through various mediums such as scripted scene work, song and dance or through our bodies using mime and physical theatre; we develop our interpersonal skills, challenging the students to lead activities and games and develop our communication skills, not only by speaking and listening, but through our understanding of emotions, personal reflection and discipline. 

Class Act Theatre School, Swansea is split over 2 different locations, Cockett and West Cross, which come together for our Annual show. Cockett and West Cross have classes for children aged 6- 13 and Cockett also has our youth theatre for students 14 and up.

We strive to give our students tools they can transfer into their daily lives as well as into their performance skills and would love you to come along and join us!

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The Music Man


Sadly this years brilliant production of The Music Man has had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

My CATS Story - Caitlin

"CATS isn’t just a drama school, it’s my family and it’s my life!!"

I’ve been a part of CATS for 13 years now and I love it more and more with every class and every show. Being a part of CATS is like being part of the biggest and most loving family you could every think of. I started out in my first lead role with CATS when I was 10, and I haven't stopped singing since the opening performance! 9 years later I’m auditioning for leading Theatre Schools and hope to pursue Musical Theatre as a career. The amount of growth I’ve had is incredible.  CATS isn’t just a drama school, it’s my family and it’s my life!!

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