Sleeping Beauty Review

Sleeping Beauty Review

Evening Post, 17 December 2012

Review: Sleeping Beauty at Pontardawe Arts Centre

Monday, December 17, 2012

South Wales Evening Post

Pontardawe Arts Centre
GOING to a pantomime at Christmas has always been a magical occasion for children.
But even more enchanting than simply watching from the side-lines is the opportunity to take centre stage and show off in front of a packed auditorium an opportunity given to the children starring in Sleeping Beauty, Jill Williams's seventh annual Pontardawe panto.
In this modernised rendition of the timeless fairytale, the youngsters, beaming from ear to ear throughout, seized their opportunity with both hands in a family-friendly show packed full of Christmas-cracker style jokes, contemporary chart music, and accomplished dance moves.
Ably assisted by some older actors who helped keep things together, including a compulsory dame, the show was a triumph of sheer logistics alone as a packed stage, quite literally overflowing with performers, clapped, sang and danced along.
A wonderful, warm, good natured panto, full of potential stars of the future.
Mark Rees

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