Audience to see double as twins keep it in the family

Audience to see double as twins keep it in the family

South Wales Evening Post, 22 May 2012

Audience to see double as twins keep it in the family
Tuesday, May 22, 2012South Wales Evening PostFollow
IT will be very much a family affair at the Taliesin Theatre in July.

But you could be forgiven for thinking you were seeing double as when the Class Act Theatre School presents its performance of classic musical Les Miserables in July, there will be an incredible five sets of twins on stage.

Emily and Jessica Lewis from Waunarlwydd, Rhian and Abbie Jones from Pontlliw, Catherine and Sophie West from West Cross, Abi and Charlie Williams, also of West Cross, and Shakiba and Shakilla Gheissary from Sketty will all be treading the boards.

Director and principal of the school Jill Williams, who has never had this many twins on stage in one production before, said: "All the twins are great in the show.

"Fortunately they are not all on stage at the same time but they are all younger members of the company who love to confuse and tease the older cast members.

"Even though the girls are identical each of the twins are valued as individuals, as are all the members of Class Act."

The twins be joining a 100-strong cast for the musical production of Victor Hugo's classic novel.

The school which has been going for 13 years and has classes based in West Cross, Sketty, Pontardawe and Neath and Ms Williams is hoping the performances will go with a bang.

"We did the show about seven years ago so it is nice to revisit it but it wasn't performed with five sets of twins back then," she added.

"I have another family with five children and I teach all five of them.

"There is that kind of feel to the theatre school, it is lovely that people come and people stay, you get to know all the families.

"Rehearsals have gone really well, the show is completed now and we are just ticking over as a lot of them have GCSSEs and A-levels.

"It is such a lovely show and I try to make it as much fun as I can for them and it is important the children understand the historical context of the show.

The school's performance of Les Miserables will take place at the Taliesin Theatre at Swansea University from July 11 to July 14.

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